Liquorland's been keeping busy trolling underage buyers
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Liquorland's been keeping busy trolling underage buyers

Underage or not if you make this mistake you deserved it!

We get it, a good bevvy goes down a treat on a the weekend!

But while lockdown is in play, our social gatherings have been restricted to good ol’ Zoom meetups with whatever you had left over from last weekend's pres.

While some stores in New Zealand are doing deliveries, it’s not as easy as going into the shop and getting an ID check.

You will need to provide your driver’s licence - so sorry mate you’re outta luck if you lost it last weekend on that bender you thought was a great idea!

New Zealand alcohol websites must include age verification checks, despite the fact that the click-through rate for “no” is almost definitely limited to someone who clicked the wrong box after already having a few.

It's a small audience that ends up on the wrong side of the "no" button, but that doesn't stop the people behind the website from having a laugh at their expense.

When you head on to NZ liquor store websites you are asked the question of whether you are over the age of 18.

If the answer is no, LiquorLand will automatically direct you to the Scholastic website where there are plenty of ISpy games available!

Seems as though you’d need a bit of an eye check after that embarrassing mistake!