Jacinda Ardern promises that she'll "find a way" to save our summer festivals.
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Jacinda Ardern promises that she'll "find a way" to save our summer festivals.

R&V has delayed their line-up announcements...

As we hold our breath for summer festivals to be a go, Jacinda Ardern has promised that despite COVID she will do whatever she can to ensure we save summer and get to attend our favourite gigs. 

So how do we help?

As repeated in almost every presser we watch as COVID lurks, Jacinda will tell you that stamping out all community cases, and reaching the highest rate of vaccinations across the country is the best possible way to ensure that these events can go ahead.

"We will find a way to make sure, regardless of the circumstances globally and domestically, that we are able to have the events that make New Zealand summers," the PM said earlier this week. 

"It is part of who we are. It is about people's livelihoods but also about our summers and what makes them fantastic for people, particularly for young people."

Concert promoters around the country have applauded her comments, and some have even suggested that we follow the UK's approach and implement a "no jab, no concert" policy.

Rhythm & Vines was set to release its first line-up announcement on Friday last week, but has been postponed until the current Delta outbreak is resolved. 

In a statement via their social media R&V stated, "After careful consideration, we have made the decision to delay the release of acts for Rhythm and Vines. We simply don’t want to announce acts without a comfortable level of assurance that we can get them into the country."

"In the meantime, we are in this together, keep doing your part to limit the spread of COVID, get vaccinated, and of course, get shredded for Rhythm." they continued. 

Over 67 percent of Aotearoa's eligible population has received at least one vaccine, which is encouraging. Vaccines can be booked through the official website HERE, or you can go to Vaxx.nz to find a walk-in vaccination centre near you.