Men caught at Auckland border with $100k and a 'boot full' of KFC
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Men caught at Auckland border with $100k and a 'boot full' of KFC


Two men have been arrested after allegedly trying to cross the southern border into Auckland with $100,000 in cash and a “boot full” of KFC on Sunday.

Officers had seen a suspicious-looking vehicle driving down a gravel road, and when the driver saw the police car, he did a U-turn and sped off.

The vehicle eventually came to a stop, and authorities discovered that the two were travelling from Hamilton.

Police have said authorities searched the car and spotted the cash, as well as empty ounce bags and a large amount of KFC takeaways - with images later shared on social media.

The men, aged 23 and 30, will appear in court at a later date for breaching the Health Order and further charges are likely, a spokesperson said.

Look you don’t have to break Health Orders to get your K-Fry fix! There have been people selling their leftovers on Facebook Marketplace. 

“Police want to remind the public that police will continue to stop and question motorists travelling through the checkpoints, and action will be considered for people deliberately attempting to breach the restrictions.”

It looks like they might have jumped the gun because KFC is ON in level 3 for Aucklanders as of 11:59 Tuesday Night (Wednesday morning)!

See ya in the drive-thru?!