NZ's most interesting urinals make a full tune when you and your mates take a leak
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NZ's most interesting urinals make a full tune when you and your mates take a leak

Top tier tourist attraction

Going to the loo with a view sounds great but Cromwell can one up it by creating a band out of your pee!

Yup you read that right!

At the Cromwell Highlands Motorsport Park, there are a few fancy loo’s created by Tony Quinn, a Scottish-Australian-Kiwi entrepreneur. As the park's website explains, he "also happens to have a thing for toilets. We came up with a lot of different ideas about what we could do with the toilets, and Loo with a View floated to the top."

The first is a drum, the second is a trumpet, and the third is a bass violin. Each starts playing music when you use it. When three people use them at the same time, things get rather entertaining (and weird). 

In a video posted to TikTok, Valentin shows us around the musical urinals with a large squirt bottle in hand (to replicate… well you know what). She also explained they work if you pour beer in them, but not water. 

She points to an enormous caricature-like head of what looks like Donald Trump, with its mouth wide open, and sprays the bottle in its mouth. A Trump-like voice shoots back, "This is the very best in New Zealand, tremendous".

It’s not the most appealing sound to hear back when doing your business!

We next move to a line of musical urinals. Valentin squirts her bottle into the bass, saxaphone, and drums as quickly as she can. The Trump urinal continues to randomly shout sayings like "welcome to my wall" while a strange symphony floats through the restrooms. It's absolutely amusing.

"Imagine when three men are peeing at the same time, we have the urinal band," Valentin says with a giggle.

This is definitely one to check out if you’re ever in Cromwell!