PM Jacinda Ardern confirms you'll need a vaccine certificate to get into Summer Festivals
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PM Jacinda Ardern confirms you'll need a vaccine certificate to get into Summer Festivals

Want to get back up RNV's love you bro hill? Get the vaccine.

Jacinda Ardern has confirmed vaccine certificates will be introduced in November and be required at certain high-risk events.

Ardern claims the new passports will be a way “to ensure more certainty and greater safety.” 

More information will be given in the coming weeks, according to Ardern, but she confirmed that a vaccination certificate will be required for large-scale events and possibly at hospitality venues.

Which means…

If we want to have a summer full of live tunes, a few bevvies with our mates and road tripping around the country then we will need to vax up!

Ardern said people should, if possible, move their vaccination bookings forward. To fully enjoy summer, “you need to be vaccinated this month, not in December.”

“If you are booked to go to a summer festival,” Ardern added, this is “a warning, a heads up, go and get vaccinated now.”

Now what we do know about the plan to carry your vaccination status to these large scale events is that it will be able to be downloaded and printed as a physical document or carried in digital form on your phone.

When this plan does come into action you’ll need a My Health account or you can use RealMe to access your vaccination status. Through this, you’ll find your NHI number in a scannable form to keep on your phone. It is said this will be available to access via an app later in the year.

Both Rhythm & Vines and Live Nation have been the first to acknowledge the certificates saying that while they're "still awaiting official information from the government on how exactly this will be facilitated in the festival environment", if you want to be heading up the love you bro hill, you're going to need to get the vaccine.

"it is evidently clear, if you wish to attend Rhythm and Vines at the end of the year, you will need to get yourself vaccinated."

While the certificates will initially be available on a mobile site, a full app is expected in January. It will be separate from the existing Covid Tracer.