Man's penis shrunk more than an inch due to COVID-19
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Man's penis shrunk more than an inch due to COVID-19

Another reason not to get covid...

Just when you thought you'd heard about the worst of covid...

A thirty-something-year-old man has come forward and revealed that his penis shrunk over an inch after contracting COVID-19.

The unnamed man rang the How to Do it Podcast recently, where he explained that before getting the virus, he had an above average sized penis. (Sure, buddy.)

But after getting sick, the man says his piece had reduced by an inch and a half.

He said,

“When I got out of the hospital, I had some erectile dysfunction issues. Those gradually got better with some medical attention, but I seem to be left with a lasting problem.

"My penis has shrunk," he continued, "Before I got sick, I was above average, not huge, but definitely bigger than normal. Now I've lost about an inch-and-a-half and become decidedly less than average. 

"It's apparently due to vascular damage, and my doctors seem to think it's likely permanent. 

"It shouldn't really matter, but it has had a profound impact on my self confidence in my abilities in bed."

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