The guy behind the iBeer app was making $30k per day from app store sales
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The guy behind the iBeer app was making $30k per day from app store sales

The absolute height of innovation with the very beginning of iPhones when you could flick on a lighter with Zippo and drink a beer with iBeer.

You might think Apple's at it's peak innovation now with it's facial recognition and watch that can tell if your hearts beating out of sync.

But you would be wrong. 

Peak innovation was back when the iPhone was first released and there were only two apps you had downloaded.

A lighter you could turn on by flicking the screen, and a beer you could pretend to neck by tilting it. 

And because it was only of the only apps you could download, the creator of iBeer has now said he was absolutely staked with cash from the app store sales.

The creator, Steve Sheraton, was reached out to by Apple to turn his idea into an actual app after the company saw a video he'd made showing him drinking a beer as he raised his phone. 

"We shot to first place [in the App Store] on the very first day and stayed there for about a year." Sheraton told MEL Magazine. 

“You could show them maps and all these kinda geeky things, but iBeer was easier to understand and a funny, fun way to show off the iPhone’s accelerometer and its bright screen with super lifelike colours."

At the time, the app cost $2.99 on the app store, which made Sheraton thousands.

“The amount of money that was coming in was just so over-the-top. During our heyday, we were making $10,000 to $20,000 ($30,000 NZD) a day.

“And we went all out. We always rented exclusive spots, like this place in Barcelona that was $6,000 a month.

“Then, next thing you know, we were going to antique stores and buying things to fill the house. It really just unwinded [sic] from there.”

However, the success of the app impacted Sheraton, intensifying his alcoholism and landing him in a $12.5 million lawsuit after another company creative an almost identical app. 

“The app’s sudden massive popularity and that lifestyle - coupled with all the publicity and stress that comes with it - is an avalanche that can destroy people."

Now, Sheraton's enjoying his time living on a farm in Spain, but is still keeping busy creating mobile apps.