19-year-old student has limbs amputated after eating his mates leftovers
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19-year-old student has limbs amputated after eating his mates leftovers


This is a little bit terrifying...

A 19-year-old student had to get his limbs amputated after he ate his flat mate's leftovers in the fridge.

According to a report in the New England Journal of Medicine, the student ate a chicken noodle and rice dish that was purchased at a restuarant the night before, and immediately started to feel crook.

The report reveals the bloke had a severely high temperature and a pulse of 166 beats per minute, plus his skin was turning purple.

His flatmate took him to the hospital, but because he was so ill, he was later taken to intensive care at a different hospital by helicopter.

Doctors found the 19-year-old had bacteria in his blood called Neisseria meningitidis, which caused him to have an aggressive bacterial infection. Because of this, his kidneys had failed and his blood started to clot - all within 24 hours of eating the leftovers.

Dr Bernard, a licensed doctor who makes YouTube videos, explained: "It’s kind of like getting a cut on your skin – the bleeding stops eventually because of blood clot, then the area around the cut becomes swollen and warm.

"But, when bacteria is present in the blood, the entire body’s blood vessels dilate, dropping then blood pressure, preventing oxygen from getting into the organs."

The bloke had to have bilateral below-knee amputations, as well as parts of all 10 fingers.

26 days later, he became conscious again, and his condition approved.

Moral of the story - even though your flatties' leftover noodles look yum, if they also look a bit iffy, give them a miss.

Watch Dr Bernard's video up top, where he explains the bizzare case a little more in depth.