Aussie FB marketplace ad for the world's worst couch is pure art
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Aussie FB marketplace ad for the world's worst couch is pure art

One of the great descriptions.

Facebook marketplace is the absolute wild west of the internet.

Any punter can put almost anything on there, and more often than not one man's trash becomes another's treasure.

Sometimes though, the real gold comes in the description of the listed item. Such is the case for one desperate Aussie trying to rid themselves of a 'haunted' couch.

Picked up by Aussie journo Sarah Maunder from SBS News, the Hobart listing has our neighboring nation in absolute stitches.

The listing is as follows:

“Literally the most uncomfortable couch in the world.

“I thought maybe someone could use it before I just take it to the tip. Maybe for performance art or something?

“I have no idea what on earth you could, or would want to use this couch for.”

Seller Vicki continues with zinger after zinger.

“Is it comfy to sit on? No,” they wrote. 

“But – is it good to look at? Also no.”

She's currently looking at a return well in the negatives thanks to this couch, as she states “I spent $400 on this couch and probably about $1000 in physio fees for my injured back, sitting on it for just two weeks while working from home.” 

“If you take it, I can’t warn you strongly enough, it’s very uncomfortable and it will almost certainly injure you. I definitely can’t recommend it for anyone over 30. I can’t really recommend it at all.” 

To wrap things up, she gave a short list of pros and cons of owning the couch.

“CONS: Literally the worlds worst couch,” they wrote. 

“PROS: No evidence (so far) it is haunted. Just cursed.”

It looks like it's already been snapped up at time of writing but this description belongs in some sort of internet museum.