‘Absolute Class’: George FM DJs react to new Chase and Status album 'What Came Before'
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‘Absolute Class’: George FM DJs react to new Chase and Status album 'What Came Before'

We've been blasting the album all morning - what a way to start a Fridee

Legendary duo Chase & Status have just dropped their new album ‘What Came Before’ and some of the team here at George FM are already frothing it.

It's the sixth studio album from the DnB legends, Saul Milton (Chase) and Will Kennard (Status).

‘Absolute Class’: George FM DJs react to new Chase and Status album 'What Came Before'

We’ve already been pumping 'Mixed Emotions', and as of today have added 'Hold Your Ground' to the George FM playlist. 

Now that we’ve had a chance to listen to the whole thing, here's what Dan Aux, Sin, Brook and more of the crew had to say about it.

“Chase & Status just get it. The album is an explosion of all things electronic. It feels inclusive like they have thought about every single raver they’ve met for the last couple of decades in the game. Absolute masterclass from Will & Saul.”

"I’ve been waiting for this for fucking years & oh boy, Chase & Status have well and truly delivered. 

"A real melting pot of everything they’re known for and loved for. Boasting tracks reminiscent of their early heavy days like; ‘Don’t Be Scared’; ‘When It Rains’; ‘Run Up’, which are slotted in between slow builders like ‘Hold Your Ground’ and ‘Over & Done’ which Chase & Status are famous for, utilising expertly picked vocalists to bring uplifting and emotional drum & bass. 

"Then ya got the fucking dub innit - Headtop Ft IRAH. A vocalist that’s featured heavily throughout, not only on this album but the chase & status timeline as a whole. 

"Get them to NZ quick smart eh!"

Medium Shawn
“Chase & Status... a class act, and a classic act. They have proven themselves time and time again over the years, so if they wanted to go full Flume and make whatever the hell they wanted with this album, they could.

"Some tracks on this album reflect this slightly more niche side. However, they have some really accessible tracks on the album too. It's almost just a flex - as if to say 'although we've been around the block, we can not only keep up with the new wave but do it better'.”

Dan Aux
"If you were to judge an album by its cover then I'm picking up two copies and taking them home immediately!

"And it was indeed the rave that started the whole process of this album. It's dark, it's heavy and very very necessary."

‘Absolute Class’: George FM DJs react to new Chase and Status album 'What Came Before'

The duo said the album cover art is from a rave they hosted in November of last year, illustrating the pure vibes that exude from DnB mosh pits, they told EDM in April last year. 

 "We were really interested in the stories of the individuals in the image - what drives them to want to be in that?" 

They said that the whole album was pretty much built around the pic of the ravers.

The record sleeve, the single covers, visualisers and elements of the music videos were all captured at this special night - it’s been a joy to work on.”

Give the new album a listen ASAP, and get it on the playlist at pres, and kickons. Treat yourself.