WATCH: Ben Affleck's 10-year-old son hits a BMW with a $200,000 Lambo
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WATCH: Ben Affleck's 10-year-old son hits a BMW with a $200,000 Lambo

Check your mirrors, buddy.

If you thought your last fender bender was a bit of a nightmare, count yourself lucky you're not Ben Affleck's son, who got caught on video backing a ridiculously expensive Lambo into a BMW. 

Paparazzi spotted the incident, which occurred at LA’s luxury car rental dealership ‘777 Exotics’.

Affleck and his fiancée J-Lo can be seen checking out the car - a yellow Lamborghini Urus SUV - before young Samuel slips past his dad and climbs in the driver's seat.

A second later, the Lambo revs, backs up and hits the BMW SUV behind it. To be fair to the kid, the cars are quite literally bumper to bumper.

Apparently, Benny boy gave his child permission to jump into the driver’s side of a car valued at US$229,445 - probably not the greatest idea mate.

An employee at the dealership said that they are not holding any grudges against the superstar family and that no harm was done to the car or any person.

“Affleck loves cars,” the employee told the New York Post. “We hope they come in again.”

“When [Samuel] got into the car, it jerked back and forth,” he detailed. “We have a small lot and the cars are close. 

A representative for the ‘Good Will Hunting’ star told TMZ that everyone was fine and there was no damage done to the car.

We strive to one day be rich enough to let a 10-year-old kid and its kid brain behind the wheel of an insanely expensive car and not be bothered when it bumps into another insanely expensive car. One day.