George FM's guide to throwing the perfect house party this summer
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George FM's guide to throwing the perfect house party this summer

Get your NYE party sussed now!

With it being the summer break and all, we decided to put together some tips on how to make sure you have a killer, carefree party that will be talked about for the rest of time.

House parties are important. They’re far better than any club in town or gig that isn’t hosted by us. Nothing, literally nothing, beats a rager of a house party. 

But, a lot can go wrong - from broken windows, poor pacing, a dead dancefloor, *missing* drinks (thanks to randoms with sticky fingers), stolen valuables, crashers, crying, cops, ambulances, and shit yarns, are all far too possible at house parties and are a one-way ticket to a bad night and a worse morning. 

Luckily for you, we know a thing or two about partying, and we pooled all our collective brain cells together (which was not a lot) and put together this list to ensure your house party is A-1 baby. 

Follow these tips and have a night to remember (or don’t and have a night to remember for all the wrong reasons).

Brook from George Drive ran through a few essentials of his own that you can check out - and we've got a couple some more to ensure the greatest of all nights are had. 

The music
Look, you've got to have the music plan sorted. If you're hosting tomorrow (or just want to hear killer tunes for 15 hours) chuck on George FM - no ads and high-quality DJs from midday onwards.  I mean just check out these set times - impossible to not have a good time with that talent. 

If you've got the decks ready, have a lineup sussed. If you're going old school with speakers, make sure they're charged and make sure the playlist is sorted and will last the whole night, and finally lock the aux - no requests or 'please add this to the queue' - be brutal. 

Provide the goods

As a host, it's your responsibility to make sure your guests are well-fed, socially lubricated, and clean. This means providing enough food, booze (and non-alcoholic drinks), rubbish bins for empties, and, very importantly, toilet paper.

Buy more than you think you need, people get hungry, thirsty, and messy at house parties - once you accept that, you will have a better time. 

Hide the goods

In a perfect world, this tip would not exist, but we don't live in a perfect world and people may look to pinch a couple of things. People will steal anything at a house party; drinks, phones, vapes, hats, forks, pillows, shoes - literally anything. 

Make sure you lock your valuables away, have a place people can put their drinks safely, keep ya wits about ya, and (depending on your friend group) maybe even lock the cutlery drawer. And always, always, keep your wits about you. 

Control the crowd
Parties, and any large group of people, go wrong when control is lost (I mean have you seen Project X?). Control the crowd at your house party by a) having an obvious d-floor/doof room, b) having an outdoor area, possibly with a gazebo, for people who want to cool down and escape the chaos, and c) having a room to chill in - chuck a couch in there, maybe another UE, and just make it nice and cosy to relaaax in. 

Everyone gets home safe
Like I said before, your guest, your responsibilities.

This means you've got to make sure everyone gets home safe. If you're drinking, you aren't driving. Full stop. Don't let anyone be an idiot - and make sure everyone has their Ubers sussed.

In the case someone can't get home, have somewhere people can crash (maybe the chill room). Also, anyone that stays the night, helps with the clean in the morning - thems the rules. 

The morning after

The morning after a killer party is a beautiful thing. All congregate in one bedroom, have a free-flowing recap of last night's events, maybe order a dusty feed, and then get cleaning before it's too late. 

There ya have it. Tips followed = great night assured.