‘I find this bit really truly scary’: Fred Again shares emotional meaning behind new tune
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‘I find this bit really truly scary’: Fred Again shares emotional meaning behind new tune

Old mate Fred dropped 'Bleu (better with time)' - a single from his next album - a couple days ago.

Fred Again has yet… again opened up and shared the meaning behind one of his tracks, saying the tune explores how to navigate and live with pain that lingers from the past. 

Last week Fred dropped ‘Danielle (Smile on my face)' and accompanied the release with some social posts explaining the process behind making the song and what the tune means to him

This week, continuing the rollout for his next album ‘Actual Life 3’, he dropped ‘Bleu (better with time)’ as a single and a big ol’ social post getting vulnerable and explaining how his personal life and experiences with pain and living with that pain shaped the track. 

“I really like the line ‘you will always shape my life, and I’m trying to make that fine’, like cos that’s 99% of what it is to me,” he wrote in the caption of a video of him singing some of the lyrics to ‘Bleu’. 

“I think when you're confronted by something heavy, there’s like the first bit where it’s all loud and chaotic, like right up in your face affecting you. But in some ways I don’t mind that phase because it’s so obviously right in front of you. Like you can see it. You can see what’s controlling you. So that’s less scary to me.”

“But then there’s a next phase I think where it goes invisible, and it’s not right up in your face anymore, like a bit of time has passed and in some ways it’s quieter.

“But I find this bit really truly scary. Because I’m so aware that it’s still just as powerful and it’s still controlling and informing kinda everything, but in a much slower way.”

“I guess the scariest thing about that phase to me is it could last forever. The phase of the thing just subconsciously affecting your every thought. I think that’s why I like that line. Because I am just tryna to make that fine.”

A few days ago Fred also shared an illustration that the song is about - Lois Tonkin's 'Growing Around Grief'. Fred said that not only is 'Bleu' about the picture but "all of Actual Life 3 is about that in one way or another". 

‘Actual Life 3 (January 1 - September 9 2022)’ is set to come out on October 28th of this year. 'Bleu' and 'Danielle' are the only singles released from the album so far and they're both sick. We can't to hear the full album and have it being the soundtrack to our summer.