Late-night Kiwi feeds will live on as The White Lady has been granted a 12-month extension
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Late-night Kiwi feeds will live on as The White Lady has been granted a 12-month extension

“No matter how your night’s been you can always count on us being there.”

The White Lady will continue providing classic Kiwi post-town, pre-kickons feeds for another 12 months after Auckland Council extended the iconic food truck’s license. 

Anyone who’s ever enjoyed a White Lady burger/fries/milkshake triple attack will understand just how awesome this news is. 

It was at risk of being shut down because nearby businesses were not happy with the feed on wheels blocking the footpath and attracting town-goers like, well, drunk people to a noice bloody meal. 

White Lady’s top dog Max Washer is pumped up about the news, saying he’s grateful to the council and will keep being there for Aucklanders who find themselves hungry in town. 

“No matter how your night’s been, you can always count on us being there,” he told Newshub

“I have no intention of ever stopping providing that to our customers and every intention to have a party.”

“We want to thank Auckland Council for believing that our little business has a place in this great city.”

Councillor Richard Hills put his A into G when he heard the days of The White Lady might be numbered, requesting his coworkers talk with the food truck “to address issues to get a good outcome for such an iconic business in our city,” he tweeted. 

He added that he asked his fellow councillors to not punish the food truck - which has been around since 1948 - “for things outside their control such as intoxicated people.”

Big ups to Richard for helping out.

It’s good to see common sense has won the day. The White Lady is a New Zealand institution, and to see it go, would have been a sad, sad day indeed.

The MP for Central Auckland, Chlöe Swarbrick, shares that sentiment, telling Newshub that today is a “bloody good day” for Auckland and it should be “a massive day of celebration.”