People are remixing BBC Radio’s announcement of the death of Queen Elizabeth II
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People are remixing BBC Radio’s announcement of the death of Queen Elizabeth II

Respectfully, of course.

In case you hadn’t heard, the Queen died today, which means British media had to follow the strict protocol that’s been in place since the 60s, called ‘Operation London Bridge’.

All BBC channels played a pre-recorded radio alert when Queen Elizabeth died, interrupting whatever was on the broadcast, before playing the UK national anthem and having a playlist of sombre songs to play after that, according to Fortune.

Some people have taken the opportunity to remix the announcement as their own special way of mourning. 

Here’s how the announcement sounded on BBC Radio Dance 1. 

Keen internet/dance music connoisseurs will remember the announcement of Prince Phillip’s death on BBC Radio, which was a lot less formal than The Queen’s one and had a bit of a drop and lots of people were saying it kind of slapped, respectfully, of course. 

Because the internet is the internet, people have taken to remixing the Queen’s announcement in the style of the Prince Phillip announcement. An array of genres and drops have been utilised to demonstrate people’s abilities to still have some fun and find a silver lining when news like today’s breaks. 

One Tiktoker used a piece of tech-house royalty, ‘Losing It’ by FISHER, to pay their respects, saying “Rest in Peace Liz, the sesh will miss you.”

Another TikTok remixed the announcement as if it happened on the BBC’s ‘The DNB60’, making for one hell of a clip. 

A Twitter user got the method acting going and reenacted what it was like inside the BBC studio when the announcement came. 

One tweet went pretty viral for its remix of the announcement, receiving more than 60k likes and 16k retweets. “BBC Radio 1 not seeing the pearly gates for this 😭”, with “this” being a clip of BBC Radio playing Internet/Soundcloud rapper Yeat’s song with the Queen’s death announcement sandwiched in between. 

Here are a couple more remixes people have put together as their own special way of mourning Her Majesty.