People are sharing the most hectic Aussie news clips after mouthy teen's viral interview
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People are sharing the most hectic Aussie news clips after mouthy teen's viral interview

A spotlight on the underrated art of the Australian news interview.

People online are sharing just how incredible the Aussie condition can be after one Australian teen gave an interview involving a billion swear words, some vaping, and even a ‘your mum’ joke. 

The teenager got arrested in suspicion of robbing a Gold Coast petrol station. He was leaving the police station the next day when two news reporters came up to him with microphones.

It got to the point when one of the reporters asked him if he thinks "it's gonna look good on the news acting like a knob," and later the teen making sone 'your mum' jokes. 

Watch the interview below

The interview went viral, leading to light being shone on Australians and how they tend to conjure up some of the most out-of-line, strange, but downright entertaining news interviews of all time. 

We’ll start off with an interview that skyrocketed into meme and internet culture with only five words - “just waiting for a mate.”

Those five words had to be one of the most popular phrases around at one point in the early 2010s, and they were uttered by an Australian who, by the grace of god, was in front of a camera. 

It’s not just the young, dumb, and reckless Aussies that have a propensity for golden camera moments.

Ray Graham, AKA Barking Dog Man, says he now gets stopped on the street, has strangers take photos with him, videos even, all because he reenacted how a couple of dogs came "bounding over" his fence.

But his reenactment is so much more, it’s television gold in just thirty seconds. 

A pierced-nipple-having, yellow-sunglass-sporting Aussie gave an interview so incredible, so unrepeatable that it was remade in a classic, generation-defining piece of cinema - 'Project X'.

Corey Worthington hosted a 500-person “get-together with mates” which caused chaos on his suburban street. He then talked to the news the morning after to give a rundown on what happened - that interview would go down in the history books. 

Aussies and crocodiles have been linked together since the days of the late, great Australian saint Steve Irwin, and this next interview further cemented that bond between Aussie and beast.

In a tale old as time, a boy was trying to impress a girl, but in an Aussie twist, this tale involves the boy jumping into a body of water inhabited by a croc to test his theory that “backpackers are more likely to get eaten by a crocodile than Australians.”

The boy did end up getting the girl, playing part in a riveting piece of journalism in the meantime.

The final interview is a heartwarming Aussie story of a hero in his undies chasing someone who smashed his mate’s mum’s store, and for a simple reason - “you look after your mates, your mates will look after you.”

Finally, a moral to this story.