Daft Punk have joined TiKTok, so now fans Around the World can scroll One More Time
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Daft Punk have joined TiKTok, so now fans Around the World can scroll One More Time

Surely a reunion is on the way?

Dance music pioneers Daft Punk have officially joined TikTok. So now when fans 'Around The World' scroll 'One More' Time they can 'Get Lucky' and come across some banging tunes (had to). 

Currently, the French dance music duo have posted just three clips to their account. The first video is a quick-cut compilation of some of their best moments over the years with their track 'Contact' playing over the top. 

The next Tok (we should call TikTok videos ‘Toks’) shows the two masked legends walking in a deserted land to the sound of ‘Da Funk’. ‘Da Funk’ comes from their debut album ‘Homework’, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. 

Released this morning, their third Tok is also a bit of ‘Da Funk’ action. This time the song plays over a bunch of people partying. 

If like me, you’re hoping this means a reunion between Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem Christo (can see why they went with ‘Daft Punk’ instead of their actual names), that does not seem to be the case. Their bio is a heartbreaking combination of two words and two numbers contained inside a pair of brackets “Daft Punk (1993 - 2001)”. 

It does seem that the TikTok account is currently just being used to reminisce in the glory of the Daft Punk era, particularly for the silver anniversary of ‘Homework’. 

Going to their website you can see that it’s built around the album. They have options to either listen, download, or pre-order a vinyl of their 1997 classic. 

Honestly, Daft Punk have done more than enough for EDM that a return isn’t really needed. There’s a bunch of artists releasing great tunes and pushing the genre forward to fill in the void that Daft Punk’s departure left. 

We can always dream of a comeback though.