Disclosure shares a snippet of their new Sam Smith remix and it sounds like a goodie
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Good Chat

Disclosure shares a snippet of their new Sam Smith remix and it sounds like a goodie

Conicidentally or not, it's been ten years since Disclosure and Smith collabed for the classic tune 'Latch'.

Disclosure shared a snippet of their new Sam Smith remix to their TikTok and it sounds bloody sick. 

In the clip, one-half of the Disclosure duo - Guy Lawrence - shows us a quick behind-the-scenes look as their remix of Sam Smith’s ‘Unholy’ plays. 

Give it a watch below. 

The ‘Unholy’ remix is set to come out tomorrow and we are looking forward to it. Especially since the Disclosure fellas have been teasing the track for a while now. 

Six weeks ago they posted a video of them playing the song live at a concert on their Instagram and a week after, they got fellow DJ Zedd to play it to an American audience for the first time. So yeah, it’s been a long time coming.  

Back to this week, where Disclosure celebrated the decade anniversary of another song they did with Sam Smith, the undeniable classic tune ‘Latch’. October 8th 2012 saw the release of the revolutionary track, which was the duo’s breakout hit and has since amassed over 780 million streams on Spotify (and is still in my rotation today). 

The English DJs posted to their Instagram to celebrate ten years of ‘Latch’, expressing pride in how far they’ve come since recording the song and gratitude towards Sam Smith and Jimmy Napes, who penned the tune.

“10 years of Latch,” the caption starts.

“This was the first song we ever wrote with @samsmith & @jimmynapes on the very first day we ever met each other, in a very run-down flat above our Dad’s auction house with no heating, hot water, a load of dead spiders & barely any light. Yet something amazing happened that day & changed each of our lives forever.”

“The vibes in the room that day & the ease at which we all wrote together is every songwriter's dream. Moments like that are what musicians are always chasing to find each time you sit down to create something," they continued. 

“Finally, Sam & Jimmy - thank you both. It has been an absolute privilege to work with you both for 10 years now. Disclosure wouldn’t be what it is without you. Love you loads xxx."