LISTEN: Lee Mvtthews have finally released their remix of Shapeshifter’s ‘Futures’
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LISTEN: Lee Mvtthews have finally released their remix of Shapeshifter’s ‘Futures’

Juuust in time for the long weekend...

Lee Mvtthews have finally dropped their remix of Shapeshifter’s ‘Futures’ just in time for the long weekend so chuck it in the queue and get dutty with it. 

Give a listen to the filthy piece of magic below. 

Sin and Brook had a yarn with the fellas on Wednesday and gave us some exclusive info on their next album, Tom and Graham also talked about how they looked up to Shapies and a bit of the process behind the remix. 

“As a young drum and bass fan it’s not a summer without Shapeshifter,” Tom said. “So just to get the nod and the request to do a remix for them is actually pretty cool.”

“They [Shapeshifter] said ‘listen to the album and pick which one you connect with the most’ and Graham heard ‘Futures’ and was like ‘that one’.”

Graham said that the ‘Futures’ just reeks of classic Shapeshifter, so he wanted to jump on the track and work his magic on it. 

“That song in particular, just the hook is very reminiscent of quintessential shapeshifter,” he said. “It just sounds like a bitta me.”

If you’ve listened to the song, you know how mental the second drop is. Graham went all ‘producer’ on us and provided some pretty nifty insight on how the drop came to be like that. 

“I just kind of got inspired by the guitar section in the bridge and, not to get producer chat on you, but I was side chaining it and it just sounded quite cool half time and I was like that could be fun to switch up on the second drop. And then Tom took the elements and kind of fleshed it out to what it is,” Graham told us. 

As for what’s next for the duo, they said they’ve been in the lab and 2023 is lining up to be a MASSIVE one for them. 

“We’ve been working on the album which is coming next year,” Tom said. “I wanna line all the dominos up before we knock them down.”

“2023, watch out Lee Mvtthews coming in hot.”

Can’t bloody wait.