New website turns you into a Fred Again song name and cover art
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New website turns you into a Fred Again song name and cover art

Bitta fun for ya long weekend.

TW: Some of the captions the website comes up with are pretty grim (suicide, addiction, drugs etc)

Fred Again is not just known for his masterful tunes, but also the unique song and album titles that go with his simplistic cover art - and now you can become your very own Fred Again song. 

His song names tend to follow this structure: ‘name’ (‘key lyrics in song’). Here are some examples: ‘Kammy (like i do)’, ‘Maera (we’ve lost dancing)’, and ‘Mollie (hear your name)’. 

See what I mean? 

Thanks to this new website, your name and a made-up (usually horrible) personality trait can become a Fred Again tune. 

Simply type ‘’ into whatever your favourite browser is. You’ll then have to type in your first name, take a selfie or pick a photo, hit submit, then boom, you are officially a Fred Again track. 

Not bad, not bloody bad at all. 

Fred himself used the website, created by @claireewang on TikTok who, by the looks of things, is a massive dance music fan. She posted Fred’s attempt to her TikTok and he commented that the website is “ICONIC !!”. Check that out below.

Fred Again’s, real name Fred John Phillip Gibson, highly anticipated ‘After Life 3 (January 1 - September 9 2022)’ is almost with us. It will be available to stream on October 28th, so just one week away. 

We are sure there’ll be plenty of tracks on the project that’ll soundtrack our summer. 

To say were are pumped would be an understatement. From his Boiler Room earlier in the year to the four singles he rolled out recently as well as his vulnerability in sharing the meaning behind each of those singles, he has absolutely killed it in 2022. After Life 3 should just be the cherry on the cake.