Did Robin Schulz copy Southstar?
Sin and Brook set the record straight on a divisive new tune.
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Robin Schulz has been accused of ripping new ‘Miss You’ tune from an artist called Southstar

Sin & Brooke gave both tunes a listen and it's not looking good for Schulz...

Robin Schulz’s new tune has been accused of being a straight copy of another song, aaand it’s not looking too good for Schulz. 

The new song is called ‘Miss You’, and German artist Southstar released a statement on Instagram saying Schulz is using an “exact copy” of the track under his own name. 

Have a listen to both songs below - again, not looking great for Schulz. 

He starts off by saying he is a fan of Oliver Tree (who features on the Schulz track) and that his version of ‘Miss You’ is a remix of another Oliver Tree track that Southstar’s team received clearance to release. 

Continuing, he says it sucks to see an established artist steal from him, an up-and-coming artist. 

“It is disappointing for me to see that an exact copy of my 'Miss You' rework is up under the name of another famous producer and is even being perceived as the original reworked version instead of mine,” he wrote.

“I am happy though, that so many people across the world are hearing and loving my reworked 'Miss You' release – the original Southstar version.”

According to The Music Network, Sony Music released a statement on the matter, saying Schulz’s version has officially been recognised as a “direct copy” and that Schulz is using his established star power to tear down the next generation of artists, rather than welcome them with open arms. 

“[Schulz’s] version was identified as a 1:1 direct copy of Southstar’s under the same name, same sample and same production, demonstrating Schulz’ attempt to take the credit and direct support away from Southstar’s breakout record instead of championing the next generation of talent,” reads the Sony Music statement.

“With the unfortunate benefit of already having a working relationship, Robin’s team were able to get the approval from Oliver Tree’s camp to become a main artist on his copycat version.”