Serato announces 'game-changing' new feature which allows DJs to isolate any part of a track
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Serato announces 'game-changing' new feature which allows DJs to isolate any part of a track

More revolutionary than the wheel.

Serato has announced a crazy new feature and everyone that has used it, including our very own General Lee, reckons it'll change the game. 

Serato Stems is the name of the new technology which will allow DJs to “instantly isolate the Vocals, Melody, Bass or Drums, and add creative Pad FX, like Echo and Braker to transition between stems.”

Oohhhh buddy, a lot of fun is going to be had with this one. 

This means making mixes, remixes, bootlegs, really anything to do with producing tracks on a computer or a set of decks ridiculously easy. Any part of a song, from the vocals to the bassline and everything in between, can be grabbed at the push of a button and used in your own track. Unreal. 

General Lee gave Stems a try (it’s free to use if you’ve got Serato DJ Lite 3.0 and/or DJ Pro 3.0) and he had some fun. He tried out the new tech on two classic dance tunes and the results are cleeeean man. He says "Serato have changed the DJ world again" and it's hard to argue against him. 

Check General Lee using the new Stems feature out below. 

Even DJ Jazzy Jeff had extremely high praise for the new toy, saying in a video released by Serato that this could revolutionise DJing like nothing else before it. 

“There have been certain groundbreaking things that have changed in the art of DJing; the invention of Serato, not having to carry records, the invention of Phase, not having to worry about vibration in a live setting,” he said. 

“I think Serato Stems will be bigger than all of them from a creative standpoint. This is about to be the most fun I’ve ever had DJing. I’m telling you, my brain is on fire.“

We cannot wait to try this out 24/7 and hear what new tracks and sounds people come up with. We on.