Toddler at the Cricket World Cup goes somersaulting on to field and it's some good viewing
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Toddler at the Cricket World Cup goes somersaulting on to field and it's some good viewing

Must've had his eyes on the ball - can't fault him.

A young lad was filmed flipping over a railing in a hilarious clip during a recent T20 Cricket World Cup game this week.

In between overs at Hobart’s Blundstone Arena during the match between the West Indies and Scotland, the cameras managed to capture one of the best 3 seconds clips of the year. 

We are immediately thrown into the chaos as we see the little bloke already horizontal over the railing with the father’s shoes and jeans chasing behind him. The toddler lifts his legs into the air, causing him to slide over the railing and onto the ground below. 

Check out the clip below. 

No reports of any injuries to the kid or the dad have come out yet so we assume everyone is okay. 

The clip is posted to both Twitter and Reddit, with people being thankful no harm was done and then getting their jokes off. 

“Better hope mum doesn’t watch Cricket,” commented one person. “Should be pretty safe #notout”. 

“Did he bounce first or did the kid go for six?” asked another. 

If you enjoyed this clip, you’ll love the subreddit it was posted to - r/KidsAreFuckingStupid - which is the home for any content that involves kids causing mayhem due to their underdeveloped brains. 

Take for instance this next clip (which could genuinely be the same kid) of a baby rolling down a hill at a rugby game that went viral a couple of years ago. 

Don't know about you guys but this makes me want to be a kid again. Imagine being able to run on to a sports field without facing a lifetime ban. 

If you are interested in the result of the cricket game, Scotland managed to upset the 2x champion West Indies, with the Scottish team winning by 42 runs. 

Namibia also won their game against Sri Lanka, meaning there has been two massive upsets in the opening days of the World Cup, as well as the kid flying over the rails, which means no one can ever tell you cricket is boring ever again.