George | Andy C Talks about how NZ is his favourite place to tour
George | Andy C Talks about how NZ is his favourite place to tour
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Andy C explains why NZ's his 'favourite place in the world', calls DNB scene 'truly beautiful'

Just move here mate, why not?

Andy C had a chat with Sin & Brook last week and the DNB legend could not stop heaping praise on our little country. 

Prepping for his ‘Andy C All Night’ tour around the country (he performed in Christchurch and Auckland over the weekend), Andy said he is absolutely stoked to be back in Aotearoa and went through a ton of songs to ensure his huge set is the best it can be. 

“Absolutely buzzing to be here,” he said. “I’m going through about 3 million tunes to get ‘em ready for tonight 'cause we got a four-hour set.”

“But y’know, New Zealand has got to be my favourite place in the world to come. The crowds here are just insane.”

Just this year other artists like Flume, Hybrid Minds, and Sub Focus have shared how much they love us New Zealanders - using adjectives like "bonkers", "incredible", and "super-receptive" to describe us - but hearing it from the DNB pioneer that is Andy C just hits differently. 

When Sin told Andy that the DNB scene here has blown up since he was on our shores (March 2021), the 46-year-old said he’s been keeping tabs on NZ and chatting with other DJs who have played here, before sharing a little story that proves how popular the genre has become in NZ.  

“I’ve chatted to the guys when they’ve come back and seen it all on socials,” he said. “The scene is truly beautiful here, isn’t it? The way that everybody’s just embraced DNB.”

“I got picked up from the airport, jump in the car, radio’s on, drum and bass smashing out. Three tunes out of the five that I heard were drum and bass, I was loving it. I’m just loving to be back here.”

How good is picturing Andy C in the back seat of an uber skanking out to some drum and bass?