Bloke eats bachelor's handbag for 40th day in a row as massive crowd cheers him on
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Bloke eats bachelor's handbag for 40th day in a row as massive crowd cheers him on

40 days of a full cooked chicken definitely deserves a crowd of people watching.

It's a Sunday night, you've left your supermarket trip till the last minute, and you head down the aisle of value with no idea what you're going to get let alone what you're going to have for dinner tonight.

Then you spot it, the golden ticket, just to the left of the deli sits 'The Bachelor's Handbag'. A cooked chicken, the savior, which once complete with a few baps and a large coleslaw, will be the best dinner you've had all month.

Now imagine that, but 40 nights in a row...

That's what one bloke in Philadelphia has just completed.

"I Would like to invite you on a journey that I'm on," wrote the champion, Smooth Recess.

"I am eating a rotisserie chicken every day for 30 days. I will keep you all updated as I get closer to my goal. Thank you."

Starting on a monumental day for his city, the day the Philadelphia Phillies won their first playoff series in 10 years,  Smooth Recess' mission began.

But ol' mate Recess hit his 30-day goal with more room in the tank.

30 days was child play, and he was no child. He wasn't just some low ranking Private in the Poultry battalion.

He was the Colonel... The Chicken Man.

The 40th day of tucking into the Bachelor's handbag was a special occasion, a task no human (to our well-researched knowledge) had yet completed.

And the Chicken Man knew like any major sporting event, the people of Philadelphia would want, nay need to bear witness.

And the people turned up, ready to see what peak athleticism looked like.

The crowd cheered on as the final bite was taken with one on-looker simply writing 'Inspirational'.

What will come of the Chicken Man now? we do not know, but in the grand words of his recently updated Twitter bio "I ate chicken."