EDM Duo’s giant 'Christmas decorations' cause chaos in London after wind sends them flying
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EDM Duo’s giant 'Christmas decorations' cause chaos in London after wind sends them flying

'Anyone seen those giant silver boulders I had last night?'

In a scene straight out of an Indiana Jones x Mario Kart crossover, some giant balls went flying down a London street thanks to some extreme weather.

TikTok footage shows the balls moving at speed down a central London street. The clip is pure chaos as the boulder-like sculptures are absolutely hooning down the street, with cars having to evade them as they fly down. 

“Looks like these #Christmas decorations couldn’t withstand the heavy winds in central London last night!” the caption reads. “Two giant baubles were spotted flying through Tottenham Court Road.”

Contrary to what the caption of the TikTok, the ‘Christmas decorations’ were actually an art sculpture being used by an English EDM duo. Mount Kimbie, as they go by, were using the sculpture, titled ‘Four World Set’, as a promotional tool for their album release.

‘Four World Set’ was made by their mate Tom Shannon and I gotta say it’s some pretty good craftsmanship. Unfortunately for Tom and Mount Kimbie, that London weather was just too much for the sculpture. 

Kai Campos, one half of the duo (the other bloke’s name is Dominic Maker), posted to Instagram to (kind of) apologise for the incident and give a bit more of an explanation. 

“Heartbroken to report that the extreme winds in London last night took down Tom’s beautiful ‘Four World Set’,” he wrote. 

“Seeing it completed on Sunday night was one of the most exciting things I’ve been involved with. The fact that it was so out in the open and public was one of the best parts of the work and when seeing the joy and intrigue it brought to everyone who walked through the square.”

“We of course had prepared for bad weather and strong winds but just got really unlucky last night. It was amazing, but too brief.”

Hey fellas, the heart was in the right place but I guess the balls weren’t.