Legendary ‘Gurning Rave Guy’ will now live forever as an action figure
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Legendary ‘Gurning Rave Guy’ will now live forever as an action figure

"Own a piece of gurning history."

The iconic, legendary, one-of-a-kind, transcendent ‘Gurning Rave Guy’ will live on until the end of time as he’s being turned into an action figure. 

After being filmed as part of a promotional video for a U.K nightclub, Shaun Jackson instantly became synonymous with rave culture for his pure passion on the d-floor. The clenched jaw, bald head, wide eyes, and god-like moves made him the perfect candidate to represent what it’s like on the dance floor. 

Watch the video that birthed a legend, titled ‘Bounce by the Ounce’, below. 

Now, the man whose GIF has been used many times in group chats after a big night out is being made into an action figure.

The genius idea comes from Justin Turner and Joe Shark Sandwich Toys. Turner saw the video and instantly had the idea to make the action figure. 

Currently, the action figure is only available to buy in the UK, but quite honestly we’d do anything to get our hands on it. 

Joe Shark posted to his Facebook page if you do happen to live in the UK and want to get your hands on it (send us one please). 

“We've all seen the gurner raver video but now have the chance to own your very own piece of gurning history with the limited run of Rave Icons issue #1,” he wrote, before showing off pics of the figurine. 

In a statement, Turner said that he “set himself on a mission to track Shaun down”, as reported by LadBible. 

“I was successful,” he continued. “After a chat with Shaun, Joe was bang on it. And within 3 weeks, we have an action figure!”

Joe Shark also says that the gurning legend himself will be signing some figurines at an underground rave in Norwich next month. 

Imagine meeting the symbolic messiah of rave culture and then chucking him on your shelf for the rest of time - the stuff of dreams really.