UK lads looking for a drink at Qatar World Cup wind up at a Sheikh’s palace with a pet lion
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UK lads looking for a drink at Qatar World Cup wind up at a Sheikh’s palace with a pet lion

Could've ended in Qatar-strophe.

A couple of English football fans who only wanted a brewski over at the World Cup in Qatar ended up chilling in a palace with a deadly animal.

Beers are hard to come by in Qatar at the moment, which is not ideal for the millions of football fans who enjoy a couple of drinks while watching the game. Fans at the opening game were chanting ‘we want beer’, and one bloke even walked 11kms for 3 hours trying to get some beer in him.

Just two days into the tourney we might have already come across the best yarn the World Cup will produce.

An English geezer told TalkSport about the beer-run turned royal hangout.

“Yea last night we met one of the Sheikh’s sons and he took us back to the palace and she showed us he had lions and everything,” he recalled, absolutely buzzing as he shared it. “They made us so welcome, and look around ya, it doesn’t get any better than this.”

“Basically we were on a bit of a hunt for some beers and he was like ‘yeah, we sort beers, we sort beers’, so we jumped into the back of his Toyota Landcruiser, and ended up at a big palace. He showed us his monkeys, his exotic birds. It was nuts,” the other fan says. 

“We’ve just been having a good time, y’know, getting our bearings right,” he adds. “The set-up is spot on, we’ve been enjoying ourselves haven’t we John?”

Far out what an incredible yarn. If you think he's lion (had to), the bucket hat-equipped traveller posted a video of him with the lion on Twitter. 

Seeing as it's locked up, it's unsurprising that the pet lion seems pissed off, chomping at old mate's arm throughout the video. Lucky for the English fan, the lion was chill enough to avoid a Qatar-strophe.