12yo lad drops a 'last minute DnB mix' on the decks at his school disco and the crowd loses it
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12yo lad drops a 'last minute DnB mix' on the decks at his school disco and the crowd loses it

Sugar high + DNB = possible timeout for me not gonna lie.

A young lad is ushering in the next generation of legends by hopping on the decks at his school disco and ripping off some DNB for all to enjoy. 

DJ Shredder is the prodigy’s name, and he’s got a whole TikTok account dedicated to his craft. 

In the Tiktok in question, he writes “last minute dnb mix at my school disco” over a clip of him behind the decks as you can hear the crowd going bananas in the background. 

Check it out below:

I've got to say, the kid’s got talent. Plus his classmates sound like they absolutely love the filthy tunes. Good to know the next generation is sold on drum and bass.

The rest of young DJ Shredder’s TikTok account has some killer content. He’s got one TikTok where he shows his audience “five filthy dnb drops to send your nan to a rave,” which is exactly what I’ve been looking for! His mixing is damn good in the vid as well. 

At just 12 years old and sporting a sick mullet, the young deck maestro has already played at a couple of gigs in his young career. Apart from the school ball, he also played a house-party-esque thing called the ‘blow ball’.

He hops up in front of a bunch of party-goers and gets straight to business. Unreal confidence from the young lad. 

It’s not just the younger generation getting amongst drum and bass. Yesterday, Kiwi DJ and George FM favourite Witters posted a Tiktok of his dad deciding to skip the luxuries of backstage and jump into front left of the crowd at RNV while his son was performing. 

Maybe one day, in a decade or so, young Shredder will be popping off at RNV and his dad will be killing it in the mosh.