The George FM uncles' guide: Lee and Tammy share their festy survival tips
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The George FM uncles' guide: Lee and Tammy share their festy survival tips

Who else is ready for some bloody antics this summer?!

‘Tis the season where we’re all heading away for summer festy szn and we’re absolutely ready to get amongst some bloody antics.

All of the big gigs are back, there are so many to choose from and if you haven’t got your tix yet make sure you get on to that and make the most of our beautiful Aotearoa summer!

Our George FM uncles General Lee and Tammy have shared their ultimate uncle's guide to hacking the gigs you’re heading to this summer on the George FM Breakfast Podcast.

If you’ve got a friend in VIP when they get their pass don’t put it on too tight so you can sneak your way into the luxury lounge - we all know the toilets and drinks line is a hell of a lot better in the VIP section.

The uncles suggest while one mate slips their band off in VIP another brings it out to you who can get in and party in style without that extra cost. 

Chances of you getting away with this are slim, with the tight security these days, but you miss all the shots you don’t take right? Don’t blame us if you end up getting kicked out. That’s on you bud!

If you’re camping, use your mates who are staying at a house or hotel to keep that personal hygiene up - nobody likes a mate who smells in the mosh and there’s absolutely no amount of Lynx Africa that can cover a stench like that.

There’s a lot of scary stuff floating around in all kinds of gear here in NZ - Know Your Stuff NZ are the guys you want to see to get anything and everything tested.

Obviously, it’s the safest to remain high on life, but if there is stuff around you’re gonna want to know what it is.

Have fun and drink responsibly whānau, from our George FM uncles to you have a safe and exciting holiday and we’ll see ya in the New Year. 2023 here we come!