The Red Wiggle, Murray Cook, is now a DJ who spins Wiggle tunes on the d-floor
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The Red Wiggle, Murray Cook, is now a DJ who spins Wiggle tunes on the d-floor

Some yummy, yummy drops right here.

A man who was once providing all the tunes we ever needed in our childhood is now turning those tunes into d-floor worthy mixes. 

Murray Cook, who used to be the Red Wiggle, is now DJ Murray Cook and he has shared a video of his mixing on social media. 

In the video Cook has the crowd in the palm of his hands as he combines two absolutely timeless tunes - Daft Punk’s 'One More Time’ and The Wiggles' 'Fruit Salad'. 

Not bad from the Wiggle man, not bad at all. 

Commenters on Murray’s DJ’ing video also loved the new career move. 

“I would go absolutely FERAL if I head this in the club,” wrote one commenter. 

“I think I’d die if I walked into a club and saw Murray DJing - that would be sick!” said another. 

“You show ‘em Murray, got the whole place bouncing there! May that continue for a longgg time to come! Always cheers me up listening to you!” a third comment read.

It’s not just DJing where Murray gets his musical kicks now. The 62-year-old is a member of the Sydney-based soul, rock, and pop band ‘The Soul Movers’. 

‘Bona Fide’, the band’s 2019 album, received great reviews and was even nominated for an Australian Independent Record Label (AIR) Award. The Sydney Morning Herald went so far as to say it is “a stunning album”. 

Being so committed to making music while being as accomplished as he is just goes to show you how much Murray loves it. In 2010, he and the other original Wiggles were made a ‘Member of the Order of Australia’ “for service to the arts, particularly children’s entertainment, and to the community as benefactors and supports of a range of charities.”

Well deserved buddy.