WATCH: FISHER goes on Aussie morning news show and just takes the absolute piss
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WATCH: FISHER goes on Aussie morning news show and just takes the absolute piss

"Just push play and walk away mate."

Australian DJ Fisher has made appearances on a breakfast news show and breakfast radio show with his only intention being to take the absolute piss. And he nailed it. 

Throughout his appearances on both ‘The Today Show’ and KIIS FM’s ‘Kyle and Jackie O’ show, the ‘Losing It’ DJ talks about how he just “pushes plays and walks away”, asks the host to wear a g-string to the Xmas party, and informs another he pulled his pearl necklace out of the host's arse.

All in a day's work.

How good is that man’s laugh as well? He’s just out here living large. 

Fisher rocking the classic festival combo of a bucket hat and shades as he sits back and chops it up in the early hours of the morning is some good tucker - especially when you realise a big chunk of the audience is mums and kids getting ready for school. 

Getting Karl Stefanovic, a legendary Aussie news host, to don that same hat x shades combo is good enough. However, Fisher then gets Karl to ask what a 'banger' is, turning it into an all-time morning news performance. 

Real name Paul Nicholas Fisher, the 36-year-old has had a bit of a big year. GQ Australia named him the ‘Best Solo Artist of the Year’ and he’s released a few singles.

His acceptance speech for the award from GQ is just as good as his morning TV and radio appearances. 

“I want to thank my manager Brett,” he started with. “You’ve been with me from the beginning. I just want to thank you mate. Two bald pricks wondering how the fuck we got here.”

He also thanked his wife and family for letting him be himself, before signing off in a true-blue Aussie way. 

“Anyway, party on, thank you for having me. I fucking love you motherfuckers!”

Love him or hate him, FISHER’s got chat.