'Can anyone smell pot?': Huge cannabis stash blazed up covering Sydney suburb in smoke
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'Can anyone smell pot?': Huge cannabis stash blazed up covering Sydney suburb in smoke

“It smells like the whole place is smoking marijuana."

Summer in Australia has been fairly standard, but for some Sydney residents, it was more than just blue skies with no clouds in sight, unless you count a large stash of marijuana covering the entire Hills District in smoke.

Police and firefighters spent hours on a property in Galston, North Sydney, controlling the marijuana burn. Even the most skilled firefighters were unable to keep the smoke from spreading through the neighbourhood. 

SOURCE: Nine News

Face masks were worn by the crews at the burning site to shield them from the smoke. But not everyone was that lucky. What about the rest of the neighbourhood?

Police did advise residents to keep their windows shut, but what do you do when you smell a bit of the green stuff over the fence? Well, you head straight onto your Facebook neighbourhood page, of course!

“Can anyone else smell pot everywhere in Galston Village?” one concerned Facebook user questioned.

“Yes,” a local replied. “Now my car smells like it did in the early 90s.”

“Fumes are VERY VERY strong,” said another.

Cannabis smoke filled the area, with reports of hazy smoke and all of the accompanying aromas with it.

An amused local thought it was hilarious telling Nine News: “It smells like the whole place is smoking marijuana,” 

But mystery still surrounds how the weed pile got there in the first place.

Police, who were on the scene with fire crews and the riot squad, said they were “dismantling an alleged cannabis cultivation”.

“Investigations are continuing,” a police spokesperson said when asked whose weed it was - as if they were going to say it was the old mate’s from down the road. They're police, not the local blabber mouth who abuses the neighbourhood page narking on everyone. 

I guess that has to be the biggest sesh we’ve seen yet! I mean it wasn’t the most intentional use of the stuff, but some do say it’s made for sharing.