Internet horrified by Aussie Open fan's crook hotdog-eating technique
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Internet horrified by Aussie Open fan's crook hotdog-eating technique

Some say "serial killer", others say it's genius.

A fan at the Australian Open tennis tournament is going viral for her chosen method of chowing down a hotdog. It’s definitely strange, but I’m unsure if it’s crook or seriously crafty. 

Unknowingly filmed from behind, the tennis enjoyer can be seen holding a fresh American-style hotdog - there’s no sauce on it whatsoever which isn’t how I’d run with it but hey, to each their own.

Then, a dramatic turn of events: Rather than going with the traditional wiener-to-mouth route, she tears off the end of the wiener - the part overextending from between the buns - and then eats that part.

I wish the cameraman, Josh Garlepp, continued to film beyond the first bite as this would help me decide whether it is crazy or valid. If she were to eat the whole hotdog by tearing individual parts off, I’d call the cops. 

However, as a reply from hotdog makers Nathan’s Franks points out, this technique “keeps the face clean and ensures the perfect first bite bun-to-frank ratio.” 

Other replies were absolutely horrified with the method - not a shred of understanding or curiosity - while a few were understandably sick at the lack of condiments. 

“Not seeing heaven,” said one person. 

“The biggest crime here is that there is no sauce or mustard,” wrote someone else.

“Serial killer,” commented another. 

“The horror! The horror!” a third added. 

One reply, going against the mob, sought sympathy for the hotdog eater and explained possible reasons for the controversial technique AND lack of sauce.

“The lady eating the hotdog is possibly wearing lipstick and a nice outfit,” they start. “Both of these are enemies of a hotdog with tommy sauce. I’d do the same thing if I wanted to stay neat and tidy.”

Now that is a theory I can get behind. A lady willing to destroy conventions to keep her fit clean is one we should look up to.