Dan Aux and Fatboy Slim
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Dan Aux’s new tune has just been called ‘funky’ by Fat Boy Slim so you better get around it

The UK dance music maestro isn’t the only one raving about it.

George FM Mahi Mix host Dan Aux released a cheeky tune just before Chrimbo -  it’s called ‘Yeh Tech’, and let me tell you, it has reached some big names

It’s been spun by the likes of  Martin Garrix and Fredde Le Grand, so it’s pretty safe to say Dan is one happy man. Fatboy Slim even called it “funky”, and that is saying a lot from a man as funky as him. 

Dan told us that even though it was a bit of a surprise to him, he’s stoked with the response and those who have shown it support. 

“It seems to have struck a chord with a lot of DJs outside New Zealand which comes as a huge surprise to me, but totally stoked people are vibing it,” he said. 

The list goes on of familiar names that have shown support such as Tiesto, Chris Lakes and Calvin Harris. 

Dan also told us about how the track came to be, and like a lot of the best beats out there, it was a bit of an experimental process. 

“I was trying to make something that blended my love of house, drum n bass and hip hop,” he said. 

“Like all good ideas, it came together really quickly. Just messing about trying to make a tune that didn't really sound like anything I was hearing at the time.” 

It’s not Dan’s first rodeo when it comes to creating tunes, so he knew he had to run it through the classic car test before releasing it. 

With unreal support from fans across both SoundCloud and Instagram, the comments say it all: 

“Going global bayyybeeee 🔥🔥🔥” one Instagram user wrote. “Sick release on this one,” said another. 

Others noticed the “crazy support” the tune was getting from the biggest names in dance music. 

The vibe was much the same over on Soundcloud, with one listener dubbing the track "soooooo goooooood" with the exact right amount of ‘oooos’. 

You are a fucking legend. My daddy Dan.

Another comment read: 

Anyone else feel like Daddy Dan could stick? 

Anyway, if you haven’t given it a listen yet, what's wrong with you? If Fatboy slim calling it funky isn’t enough to entice you, I don’t know what is. 

Give it a listen on Soundcloud and make sure you head over to the comments section to share the love.