Fred Again gives USB with loads of unreleased edits to fan who puts them online for free
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Fred Again gives USB with loads of unreleased edits to fan who puts them online for free

30 full length edits for freeeeeee!

A whole bunch of Fred Again unreleased tracks, edits, and flips are available to download for free online thanks to a fan being given a USB. 

Last weekend Fred and the dubstep godfather Skrillex announced a surprise gig (the third surprise gig in as many nights) in London alongside fellow DJ Four Tet. The 3,000 people at Brixton Electric nightclub were treated to four hours of EDM greatness - a fan uploaded the whole thing to YouTube but it’s been pulled from the site a couple times so no promises it’s still there.

At one of those surprise gigs a USB was given out to a random fan. Stored in that USB were the live edits/flips that Fred whipped out during his set with Skrillex and Four Tet. That random fan has now uploaded all those tracks - 30 to be exact - online, available to download, and for free. Does the word ‘legend’ even capture how good that is from him?

The tracks live in a google drive folder that the fan shared to Reddit. I’ve had a listen to a few of them and by god they are majestic. Get busy with these ones team. 

Best thing about this is Fred is on board with people having the edits.

He took to his Instagram story to confirm he knows about the USB and the tracks being shared online, signalling he's all good with it by adding a wink emoji - what a guy. 

Fred Again's Instagram story confirming he knows about the USB

Judging by the fan’s comment on his Reddit post, it seems many doubted that they actually had the USB. U/raveliferepeat, as they go by, was going through a moral dilemma as to what to do with the USB which meant he didn’t share it straight away. 

“That dude that said I had a small d*ck better fucking apologise,” u/raveliferepeat wrote. “Understand you all being upset by the lack of upload til now but I was completely unsure of what the ‘right’ thing to do was. Still am but hey at least you all get music this way.”

He finishes the rant by saying that he’s not affiliated with Fred in any way, so if he gets sued the rest of us will have to pay for his lawyer. That's an easy deal in my book.