Fred Again starts chess addiction in Wellington, does pub quiz with locals before surprise gig
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Fred Again starts chess addiction in Wellington, does pub quiz with locals before surprise gig

Fred Again and Welly just seem like the perfect fit.

Fred Again made the most of his time in our capital, spending his day off in Welly playing chess and doing a pub quiz with locals (as well as killing it at his shows). 

After eventually making it to Aotearoa after a bit of a delay in Sydney last week, Fred delivered for Welly locals at his gig at Shed 6 on Saturday. Auckland was meant to get the Fred Again experience at Laneway Festival on Sunday, but the event was called off due to the floods. 

So how does one of the world's biggest DJs and fastest-rising artists spend a day off in Wellington?

By hitting a cafe, requesting someone to bring them a chess board, playing chess with strangers, hitting a pub, starting a pub quiz team with strangers, playing chess again, and finally doing a surprise gig (while playing chess).

He made an Instagram compilation post introducing and thanking the Welly locals he met, as well as showing what he got up to in the rest of his time in the city. 

“First day off in the southern hemisphere was a real infinity day,” Fred wrote in the caption of the Instagram post. 

“Shoutout to Kaleb, Iggy, Carlos and Tim for chess games. Shoutout to our undefeated (apart from the 3 teams that beat us) pub quiz team; Finn; Paora; Indy; Vincent; Devon; Milly; and Michael”. 

“Shoutout to Paula the Quizmaster and the Welsh Dragon. Shoutout to @porkcrackl and @luna.mqa for playing.”

After Laneway was called off, Fred decided to do a surprise gig at a spot called 121. A relatively small, sweaty, low-ceilinged club that, from personal experience, is amazing for gigs. I am immensely jealous of anyone that went to either of Fred’s gigs in Wellington.

Fred also seems to have developed a chess addiction while in the capital. He posted himself playing chess multiple times throughout his time in Wellington, even moving some pawns around while playing at 121. 

Fred Again Instagram stories about Chess Credit:

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