Spotted: Grafix and Graham from Lee Mvtthews go on wholesome bro date in Hobbiton
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Spotted: Grafix and Graham from Lee Mvtthews go on wholesome bro date in Hobbiton

My precciiiouuuusss dnb duo

For some of us, it’s hard enough to get a date, let alone one at Hobbiton with UK DNB legend Grafix or Graham from Lee Mvthews. 

The two dance music maestros posted their trip on Instagram where they ventured to Matamata, and it looks like they really hit it off.

Lee Mvtthews captioned their post: “New Zealand’s best attraction, and Grafix… spend a day at Hobbiton”. 

See what they did there? 

Grafix and Graham on Seesaw Lee Mxtthews Instagram

With a couply shots of them on a seesaw, to cheersing in front of a picturesque lake, it’s safe to say I'm jealous. 

Grafix and Graham in font of lake

You have to check out the video of them on the bridge, surely I'm not the only one who felt like they should have been holding hands during that walk?! 

Ekko and Sidetrack shared similar feels in the comments section, writing:, “I’ve never been more jealous of you guys than I am right now 😢”. 

Good from Metrik too, he wrote:

Nice to see Josh back in his natural habitat

This isn’t the first collab between Lee Mvtthews and Grafix, with the release of their track ‘Underground’ Ft. Elipsa  in October of 2021. When premiered on UFK, the tune made its way to #1 on the NZ Hot Singles, NZ Radioscope and the iTunes NZ Dance Charts. 

Since you probably missed seeing Grafix in Hobbiton, you may want to grab tickets here to see him live in Auckland this Saturday at The Mothership. 

He will also be in the studio on George FM this arvo with Sin & Brook, doing ‘Does it Double?’, so tune in, will ya? You may even get the inside scoop about his trip to Hobbiton!!