Drunk Aussie lads rescued after floating out to sea during sesh on a giant inflatable flamingo
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Drunk Aussie lads rescued after floating out to sea during sesh on a giant inflatable flamingo

Flamin-go on lads.

Only a special breed of human would come up with the idea to celebrate your country’s national day by floating into the ocean on a giant flamingo with beers in hand - Australians. 

This Australia Day, five lads took their giant inflatable pink bird to Stanwell Park, just south of Sydney. Equipped with Pals, cheese and biscuits, the aforementioned blow-up flamingo and a mission to accomplish, the fellas hit the beach and got busy.

“We kicked out with the westerly wind and we got one kilometre out with the shark buoy,” the owner of the Flamingo, 24-year-old Blake Lisk, told the Daily Telegraph. 

“We hung out there for a bit but didn't see any sharks unfortunately.”

Blake and his boys thought it was an “excellent exhibition”, even waving off a police boat at one point. However, fearing the flamingo fellas would soon smash into some rocks, surf lifesavers eventually towed the boys onto the shore.

Blake, though, reckoned they were cruisy. 

“The original (and executed) plan was to float out from Stanwell Park to the Shark Buoy, then to have the NE wind pick up and push us to Coalcliff (beach),” he commented on the lifesavers' Facebook post of the rescue.

Blake owns the three-metre wide x five-metre-high inflatable with his brother Kyle, who was also on the Australia Day excursion, along with their mates Mitch Loveday, Tye Barnes, and Jayden Raval. 

The Lisk brothers decided to purchase the big ol’ floatie during Covid lockdowns because they were “bored out of our brains”, and it was a hefty purchase. 

“It was pretty expensive - around $700 - so Kyle and I went halves but we never took it out of the box until the public holiday after Mitch called and asked if we still had the flamingo,” Blake said. 

Blake added that he and the boys are thinking about buying an even bigger inflatable to take on another adventure. 

Godspeed gentlemen, godspeed.