George DJs react to new Skrillex album and one track definitely comes out on top
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George DJs react to new Skrillex album and one track definitely comes out on top

Couldn't react to second album coz the first one was just that huge sorry

Skrillex dropped two albums this weekend and we asked our DJs to sum up the first album ‘Quest For Fire’ in one word, and what their favourite tracks on the album are.

Everyone had a good word to say about the album and one track in particular tickled the fancy of our DJs. Here's what they had to say.  

General Lee (George Breakfast)
“Gigantuous” is how General Lee describes the album - it's not a word but we'll allow it. His favourite tunes are ‘Ratatata’ and ‘Hyrdate’. 

Brook (George Drive)
Brook’s 'word' is “ThankGod”, which is two words mushed into one but we'll let it slide (we're off to a flyer here aren't we). ‘Ratatata’ was also one of his favourites, as well as ‘Tears’. 

Sin (George Drive)
“Mammoth” is what Sin had to say about the album. She had three favourite songs: ‘Too Bizzare, ‘Tears’, and ‘Leave Me Like This’. 

Beiks (George Nights)
Beiks reckons the album is “phenomenal”. ‘Ratatata’ is also one of his favs with ‘Xena’ getting a mention too. 

So if you back our DJs' music tastes (why wouldn’t ya?) ‘Ratatata’ is looking like an early tune of the year contender. 

Besides from dropping the phenomenally colossal godsend of an album ‘Quest For Fire’, Skrillex released a second album, ‘Don’t Get Too Close’ (DGTC).

DGTC features big names like Kid Cudi, Chief Keef, and Justin Bieber. We didn’t get our George DJs to react to the second album because they were still recovering from the pure oompha of the first album. 

New Yorkers were treated to the trio of Skrillex, Fred Again, and Four Tet playing a set b2b2b live at Madison Square Garden. The three DJs managed to sell out the iconic MSG and it looked like an unreal time. 

“We threw a rave in Madison Square Garden last night,” Skrillex wrote on his Instagram. “Love to New York for bringing the most incredible energy and making it the most magical night ever.”