Ahead of our Biggest Bangers countdown, we revisit the horniest EDM music videos of the 2000s
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Ahead of our Biggest Bangers countdown, we revisit the horniest EDM music videos of the 2000s

I get it was the naughtie aughties but was this really necessary?

Early 2000s dance music provided us with some tasty tunes that will no doubt make an appearance in our ‘Biggest Bangers’ countdown, which starts on Monday 20th. It also pushed into the world, whether we asked for them or not, some stupidly horny music videos. 

Dance music has a symbiotic relationship with nightclubs/party culture which means sex is always going to be somewhat related to the genre.

The early 2000s saw music videos become more of a selling point thanks to MTV and the rising popularity of the internet, combine that with the fact that #sexsells and you’ve got some ‘shut the laptop when someone walks in’ music videos. 

‘Call On Me’ - Eric Pryd
UK Prime Minister Tony Blair fell off an exercise bike when he first saw this music video of a guy in an aerobics class full of sweaty, scantily clad women - aroused perhaps?

P.S. This is a real quote from the director, Huse Monfaradi: "In pre-production, in shooting, in post-production, even in editing, I don't think anyone really felt it was over the top, or extraordinary or even erotic.” Alright, mate. 

‘Destination Calabria’ - Alex Gaudino ft. Crystal Waters
No leaders of any nation stumbled once they saw it (none admitted to it at least), but I’m sure it made a few kids want to join a marching band.

An unnecessarily horny video for such a tune but that’s why we’re here. 

‘Satisfaction’ - Benny Benassi
The horny nature of this one does make a bit more sense considering the raunchy lyrics.

But why it doubles as an infomercial for power tools is beyond me. Let’s just chalk it up to artistic license. 

‘Put Your Hands Up For Detroit’ - Fedde Le Grand
One of dance music’s all-time classics has a music video documenting a patient in a hospital populated by (android?) nurses in short skirts that at one point hit a ‘STRIP’ button and provide lap dances. 

Again, what does this have to do with Detroit, the Motor City and the birthplace of Eminem and Stevie Wonder? Who knows, bloody banger though. 

Did these music videos take it too far? Maybe, but here we are still talking about them almost two decades later.

Our Biggest Bangers Countdown is a rundown of the top 500 songs, as voted by you. Kicking off at 9am on Monday the 20th of February, it includes House, DnB, Dubstep, garage, jungle - from the most minimal techno, to the most maximum stadium anthems, everything must bang!