Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury boxing fight winner's been declared and that final knockdown was loose
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Good Chat

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury boxing fight winner's been declared and that final knockdown was loose

Not a bad rumble at all.

Yewww, after years of shit-talking, horrific chat, and postponements, YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake ‘The Problem Child’ Paul officially fought Tommy Fury, Love Island runner-up, pro-boxer and the half-brother of two-time boxing champion Tyson Fury. 

It was an entertaining fight, with Tommy beating Jake out by split decision (75-74, 73-76, 73-76). I doubt this will be the end of Jake Paul though, who actually held his own.

The first two rounds saw Fury continuosly throwing the jab and looking the pro boxer he is. Paul was holding in his own, landing some shots of his own and jabs and making the fight interesting.

The third round saw things heating up with Jake jabbing and looking like an undefeated boxer.

Tommy landed some big hooks early in the fifth round but couldn't quite sit Jake down. Jake also landed a big blow rihgt on Tommy's noggin, but again,both fighters stayed standing.

By round six most punters had Fury in the lead, however it was a lot closer than people though with Jake managing to withstand Tommy's blows and fire some of his own shots back. 

After a lot of clinching in round 7 the final round eight saw Jake drop Tommy with a straight jab. It wasn't enought though, with the judges giving it to Tommy in the end. 

If you love it, hate it, or don’t care, it doesn't matter as the fight took over Twitter. Both Jake Paul and Tommy Fury were trending all night with calls being made either way. 

The beef between Paul and Fury started a few years back in March 2021 when Jake said he “didn’t even know [Tyson Fury] had a brother”. 

“I like Tyson Fury, I don’t want beef with Tyson Fury but damn, if Tyson Fury took a s**t it would be this little brother, he’s literally like this little kid,” Paul added. 

This led to Tommy impersonating Paul by putting on a fake blonde wig and saying in a shocking American accent: “sorry bro didn’t see you there, I was too busy being a massive p**sy” and then losing the accent (thank the lord) and telling Paul he “wouldn’t last thirty seconds” in the boxing world. 

A couple of months later, Jake said that Tommy’s girlfriend (now mother to his child) Molly Mae-Hughes had slid in his DMs. Turns out Jake photoshopped the pics but it still fuelled the beef. 

The two agreed to fight in December of 2021, but Tommy had to pull out due to injury, which led to Paul calling Tommy “the biggest bitch in boxing history”. Eventually, the two agreed on a new date in August of 2022, but that didn’t happen because Futy was denied entry into the US. 

Now it’s all done and we can all move on with our lives.