Brook from George Drive finally went viral thanks to his cat Maurice falling down the chimney
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Brook from George Drive finally went viral thanks to his cat Maurice falling down the chimney

How a "goober" of a cat led to a man accomplishing his dream.

What could’ve been a disaster has ended in internet glory for our very own Brook Gibson, all thanks to his cat Maurice. 

Brook - co-host of George Drive - has always seen virality in his fututre. Like Frodo destroying the ring, Michael Jordan winning a championship, and the fellas locking lips on the ‘love you bro’ hill, Brook believes he is destined for something, and that something is internet virality. 

“Ahhh the hunt for virality has been on and off the back burner for many years,” Gibson tells me. “Just when I start to give up hope, I'll get a sniff of a semi-viral moment that keeps the dream alive ya know.”

Fate came knocking last week, not on the door though. Rather, his chimney felt the knuckles of destiny knock against it, ready to breathe life into the long-held dream of our afternoon DJ. 

After fate knocked, a phone rang. It was Arzi, Brook’s misso. Maurice - described by her owner as “like the kid that eats crayon” - had fallen down the chimney. 

Sensing his chance to accomplish his viral dream, Brook documented his rescue mission. And it was a success. 

The video of Maurice being pulled from the walled-off fireplace shot through the underwater internet cables, battled its way to the top of the algorithm and met the eyes of millions of people around the world.

Over 450,000 have viewed the video on TikTok, and a colossal million plus have on Instagram.

Brook Gibson, internet star, fait accompli. 

Not only was a dream accomplished but the furred star at the center of it all was unscathed. 

After a quick trip to the dry cleaner (Maurice was actually a white cat before the fall), the newest star of the internet informs me that his cat is fine. 

“As expected, after falling down the chimney and being rescued she was out and about like nothing had happened, and thats show biz baby!”