Diplo says he ran LA marathon in under 4 hours while tripping on acid in now deleted IG caption
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Diplo says he ran LA marathon in under 4 hours while tripping on acid in now deleted IG caption

He just wanted to beat Oprah's finishing time but now he's caused a hullabaloo.

International DJ Diplo ran the LA Marathon in under four hours - a valiant effort. But his feat is now shrouded in LSD-fuelled mystery. 

The 37th edition of the LA Marathon was on Monday (NZT), and Diplo posted some photos the day after to celebrate his accomplishment. What he was most happy about was beating Oprah Winfrey’s time of 4hr 29m 20s, which he set as his goal in an Instagram post the day of the big run. 

“My one goal was to beat Oprah’s time and I ate that (sorry Oprah)” is how one part of the caption of his celebratory post currently reads (he came in at 3hr 55m).

However, around a billion comments and news stories reference Diplo saying he took LSD. There’s also a screenshot, posted to Twitter by a journalist/writer for Esquire and GQ, that has Diplo’s psychedelic admission in black and white. 

“The most I ever ran was 11 miles so I did what any normal person would do and take LSD,” it reads. 

So, he definitely said he took LSD (unless the trillions of news stories and commenters are in cahoots to play a prank on you and I, wouldn’t put it past them tbh). 

But why delete it? I can think of two reasons: His PR team told him to delete it because drugs = bad; or two, he didn’t actually take LSD and all hullabaloo he caused ate him up with guilt. If you look at his eyes in his Instagram post, his pupils don’t look very dilated, but he could have just taken a little. 

Judging off his Instagram story at the moment, though, I’m gonna say it's option numero uno. He’s shared a video showing that every Bob Ross painting was actually a chronological journey that follows a river through a majestical landscape (which is actually pretty sick) and a celebration for ‘Manatee Appreciation Day’. 

I’m not saying a guy can’t be interested in Bob Ross lore or manatees without doing psychedelic drugs but there’s probably a correlation. And it is Diplo we’re talking about here.