Fred Again teases that he's got a Tiny Desk Concert on the way and it’s about damn time
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Fred Again teases that he's got a Tiny Desk Concert on the way and it’s about damn time

Last time he did something like this he racked up about a kajillion views.

Ready up team, it’s looking like that boi Fred Again will be gracing fans with a Tiny Desk Concert sometime soon. 

Currently finishing off his South American tour, it looks like Fred had a quick stop at National Public Radio's (NPR) (the publication behind Tiny Desk Concert) offices in Washington DC.

“Thissssss is what happens in Washington,” he said in an Instagram story selfie video of him on that unmistakable Tiny Desk set. 

Fred Again Instagram story of him at Tiny Desk set Credit:

The news is backed by a Reddit post by u/bigcounty108 from a couple of weeks ago, showing a photo of Fred, again, on the Tiny Desk set (see what I did there?). Bro is smacking the xylophone in the picture so looks like Fred has moved on from the soundboard and on to the instrument to which the letter 'X' owes its cultural relevance.

A comment on the post reckons the video of Fred’s Tiny Desk concert won’t be live for several weeks. 

“Totally anecdotal, but I fuck with a jazz band that did a tiny desk a couple years ago, it was uploaded like 8ish weeks later,” u/lukebwalls wrote. “They really take their time with mixing/mastering and it’s so worth it imo.”

Last time ol’ Freddy boy went live with an intimate, condensed concert video he dominated it. I’m talking about his Boiler Room, which now has 16 million views, and had Sin & Brook calling him “a pioneer of dance music”. 

The Tiny Desk format is perfect for Fred Again’s approach to live performances. It may not be as intense, rah-rah-rah, or groundbreaking as his Boiler Room was, but it’s bound to bang with his tracks that are deep, intimate, but undoubtedly groove-inducing.

He’s a far more established artist now than he was when the Boiler Room dropped (July 30th, 2022) so perhaps we see some more polished cuts of recent Fred songs - probably from his latest album ‘After Life 3’ - rather than the IDs and edits that sent the internet wild last July. 

Who knows with Freddy boy though? He could come out with twenty minutes of yodelling and xylophone, chuck it on a soundboard, and turn it into a majestic melody that ushers in a new era of world peace.