Peking Duk cover an ‘anthemic’ Kiwi tune from the 90s and it goes hard in the paint
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Peking Duk cover an ‘anthemic’ Kiwi tune from the 90s and it goes hard in the paint

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Aussie EDM duo Peking Duk have jumped on a classic Kiwi 90s tune and made it their own with the end result being an absolute pearler of a cover. 

Appearing on Triple J’s ‘Like A Version’ Adam and Reuben - the members of Peking Duk - covered Crowded House’s 1991 tune ‘Fall at Your Feet’, which was written solely by the band’s Kiwi frontman Neil Finn. They got fellow Aussie artists Julia Stone and Dean Brady to jump on vocals and everyone did a bang-up job.

Not only does it sound b-e-a-utiful, but the vibes exuding from the four of them in the studio are top-tier. 

Comments on the video are loving that Peking Duk changed up the original to suit their own sound and reckon they executed it perfectly. 

“I always love when an artist doesn't do a cover note for note,” wrote one person. “I think their twist works for the genre of music they're making, sounds really good!”

“So good. Love how modern and uplifting this sounds,” another person said. “I've played the video so many times already. It's not just the cover, it's the energy in the room”

“Iconic original but this is fun and a freshhhhh take - appreciate the euphoric-ness. 10 points,” a third added. 

In the behind-the-scenes video, the Peking Duk fellas give a bit of a rundown on why they decided to cover ‘Fall at Your Feet’. 

“It’s just an anthemic song that hits the heart and soul both at once,” Adam said.

Ruben shared that he saw Crowded House live and the track was “the highlight of the set”, he even went so far as to say it's “definitely one of the biggest and best songs of all time.”

Crowded House themselves covered the track recently as well. Almost thirty years after its original release - when everyone was stuck in their homes during Covid lockdown -the band released a “live from home” version, and it’s a friggin Zoom tuuuune man.