‘Best and worst thing ever’: DJ turns Tenacious D's 'Tribute' into a house banger
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‘Best and worst thing ever’: DJ turns Tenacious D's 'Tribute' into a house banger

More like Tenacious DJ amirite?

A wise man once said it’s better to ask ‘why not?’ than it is to ask ‘why?’ and that is exactly what came to mind when I saw a DJ flip a Tenacious D classic into a house tune. 

MistaJam became a Tenacious DJ when he made Jack Black and Kyle Gass’s song ‘Tribute’ into a house banger during his appearance on Capital Dance FM in the UK.

“Tenacious D in a house style is everything I needed in my life,” the radio station said in an Instagram post. 

Commenters on the post have mixed reactions to the remix, which is actually an ID from DJ Brad Wood. 

“This is the best AND worst thing ever,” said one person. 

“How can something be so niche, yet so universal at the same time?” another wrote. 

“Drop this track please sir. I need this in my playlist,” a third added. 

“Tbh was waiting for the dutty drop,” one more said. “Intro was sick, I'm gonna have to remix this.”

The original track was released back in 2002 as a single from Tenacious D’s self-titled album. Despite it being a bit of a piss-take of a song, it actually charted at number nine here in Aotearoa. 

Another fun fact about the track since I’m in a fun fact-giving mood, Dave Grohl is the drummer and rhythm guitarist on the track. In the song’s incredible music video, the rock and roll superstar plays the giant demon that interrupts Black and Gass’s journey down a long and lonesome road. 

Through the power of music, Tenacious D manages to defeat demon Grohl and carry on their journey. Perhaps with the new house version of the track an EDeMon (played by FISHER, of course) is getting ready to rumble somewhere.