Kiwi tradie bloke yoinks a nail from his leg in yak-inducing yet weirdly pleasing video
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Kiwi tradie bloke yoinks a nail from his leg in yak-inducing yet weirdly pleasing video

Like being dominated in beer pong: you don't wanna watch it but you can't look away

A Kiwi tradie somehow ended up with a nail buried pretty deep in his leg and his mate filmed him pulling it out. 

What we’re left with is footage that is quite bloody grim but quite fkn satisfying too. Your weird mate who likes watching those pimple-popping clips, they'll love this video. 

Sheesh, happy that wasn’t me and happy that the nailed bloke is alright. As many in the comments pointed out, that could’ve been a lot worse. 

“Dead in ten if it hit an artery,” one warned. “Don’t pull it out!”

“Do not ever pull it out,” another said, repeating the advice. “That’s an emergency room visit.”

“Hahaha holy fuck,” a third added. “That is insane.”

“Bloke would have been back to work like nothing happened thirty seconds later,” one, more optimistic commenter, added. 

If you’re wondering, the comments saying he should not have pulled the object out are correct.

The medical institution the Mayo Clinic states that you should “seek prompt medical help for a foreign object that seems to be deeply embedded in the skin or muscle.”

Old mate really is lucky. The wound could have been infected or the nail could have pierced an artery which would not have been a good time. 

Another bloke who had fortune on his side is the dude that decided to go for a dip with the rhinos at Auckland Zoo last week.

A Zoologist said the intruder is "lucky to be alive" and that being attacked by a rhino would be like being smashed by Jonah Lomu (didn't say that exactly but it'd probably be pretty similar). Eventually, the ballsy bugger got out of the water and was taken away by the police. No charges were laid but I doubt this jungle explorer will be allowed back into a zoo anytime soon.