'Absolute savage': Aussie geezer spotted openly munching on raw chicken in mall
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'Absolute savage': Aussie geezer spotted openly munching on raw chicken in mall


Australians love to flirt with danger, it's easy when living in a country where every second animal can merk you. One Aussie maddog has taken things a step further by shamelessly devouring raw chicken in a public mall. 

The bare-footed bloke blatantly disregards his immune system and any social judgement by carrying a tray of uncooked chicken drumsticks while on an escalator in Adelaide’s Westfield Marion.

The Instagram page @shitadelaide posted the photos, alongside the caption: “A nutritious and delicious lunch of fashionably rare chicken at Westfield Marion #paleo #cavemandiet #shredding.”

I was having a light brekkie while writing this and instantly regretted the timing of my meal. Lucky for me though, the comments on the post are top-tier and provided a pleasant distraction from the salmonella death-wish pics. 

“This king is so busy hustling he doesn’t have time to waste sitting down to eat, or putting shoes on, or cooking his food,” one commenter said. “Few understand this grindset.”

“He’s so cooked, the chicken gets charred on the way down,” another one wrote. 

“He wants a week off work,” a third added. 

“What an absolute savage,” one more said. “Starts from the middle of the pack instead of working from left to right.”

He’s also wearing a singlet with Nike’s ‘Just Do It’ on it. I doubt this is what the company was meaning when they came up with the slogan but at least old mate is taking the advice - we can count that as a positive from this right?

This bloke reminds me of a different kind of chicken-consuming-maddog, an American one. Late last year, a Philadelphian who goes by Smooth Recess chowed down on a whole rotisserie chicken every day for 40 days straight.

On day 40, he invited a crowd to come and watch him smash back the last bachelor's handbag, and come they did. As the final piece of chook was swallowed, a new Philadelphian legend was born.