lad visiting NZ crowns this hangi burger 'the best in NZ' after the first bite
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lad visiting NZ crowns this hangi burger 'the best in NZ' after the first bite

"Why haven’t I had this on a burger before?"

One U.S tourist visiting our beautiful country Aotearoa reckons he’s found “the best burger in NZ”, and it just so happens to be in Ōtautahi.

Posting to TikTok, Joshua Profit (@fatherprofit) shares his honest review of the unique Māori & Island cuisine at the Kai Means Food restaurant.

He made special mention of their hangi burger made up of a hangi pattie, cuttings of lettuce, tomato, onion and t-sauce all in a fried bread bun.

Oh and don’t forget about the addition of chips and gravy on the side - talk about yum!

As Joshua begins to delve into the cultural kai experience, he struggles to get a grip on the massive burger, which is always a good sign!

He takes his first bite followed by a speechless shock. 

After a moment of silence, he explained: “Y’all… I’m speechless. The meat in this hangi meat is so unique and the fried bread is the perfect bun.”

“This right here is worth the drive, walk, flight… You think it’s a burger, but it’s so unique that you’re like ‘oh, why haven’t I had this on a burger before?’.”

Many were quick to send love to the TikToker for embracing “our country and culture” here in Aotearoa. 

One fan wrote: “I love you love our food. love your content my bro.”

“Welcome to NZ!! stuffing all that goodness,” wrote another.

While a third joked: “Stop eating or you’ll never go home.”

Honestly, the burger looks meeaann, but to call it NZ’s best burger is a very bold claim. Looks like I’m gonna have to ask my boss for a trip to Ōtautahi, you know, to confirm this news once and for all!